Engraving Fonts         
   (Under construction may 2004)

You can use windows TTF glyph outline for engraving
Down side is that those are balloon like closed contours

Sometimes its nicer to use single line stroked fonts

i have been experimenting with Borland chr fonts
but the are made off smal line segments and not nice whin scaled up

Same is for autocad shx/shp fonts

Some information & example programs for TTF with QBasic and chr with QBasic see Herman's Free Software

Better would be to have strokes beziers / curves / splines  make up the curves  like in TTF

Visual toolbox has such a font pitty there is no editor
  toolbox_amerzone_font_qbasic.zip  => I wander where i have seen this before => Yep=> www.sticker.tk
more fonts on http://www.visualtoolbox.com/

in the past i have been playing with the text engraving program
and made a font i called WTF  (wrong ttf)
The last contour of a ttf file is not used    => so windows makes gabage off it
But would be neat for engraving single stroked lines with smooth curves

 I asked high-logic who made a ttf editor designer if he would make a change in his program
not to close the last contourpoint to beginpoint
pitty he wasnt helpfull
Such a program would be a nice font editor for WTF
TTF font editor http://www.high-logic.com

Agfa also has some info about the subject single line stroked fonts instead of outline =  graphemes.???

Funny to see a font today on the net wich looks like wat i called WTF (wrong ttf)
and if you dowload one you can see windows makes a mess off the font
WTF wrong TTF Screen Image from a TTF editor/designer
This is what windows will make of it
But if we look at the caps L
WTF wrong TTF Glyph Screen Image from a TTF editor/designer
We see a perfect L the angled line is not performed on the engraving machine
so we have a perfect scaleble font with beziers or splines
and the fonts are editable with a standard TTF editor

under construction may 2004
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