Bugs! ;-(

Program shuts down when pressing a button with mouse
          after running c:\memmaker i did not have this problem

Program wont start
            After launching cstep.exe nothing happens
            User has a Pentium III 1G laptop(handbook computer (dell latitude) ), Win2000 (China)
            No error messages
           Sorry i dont know
         Maybe MGui has problems with graphics/video hardware
            Or maybe MGui doesnt understand Chinese
            I have run cstep.exe on
                                                IBM klone 486sx-33Mhz
                                                Escom 486dx2-66Mhz
                                                Compaq Contura 430C Laptop486dx4-100Mhz  (only 640x480)
                                                IBM klone Pentium75
                                                Compaq Pressario Pentium200 (4520)    (only 640x480)
                                                Microstar Pentium4-1,9Ghz
                                                Compaq P3-450Mhz

Mouse Problems strange program behavior when the mouse is moved
            Do not use a ps2 plug mouse
            Use a serial 9 pin sub-D mouse

            The ps2 mouse sends signals that are heard by the inp(&h60) wich i use for listening to the keyboard

        solution to this ps2 mouse/keyboard fault maybe chanching all inp(&h60) checks
            First check porthex64 bit5 to see if it is a mouse move
            c code example
            if((inp(0x64)&32)==0){                                       // check if it is a keyboard or mouse scancode ps2mouse error
                                                                                       // if bit 5 at port 64 = 0 then its a keyboard scancode
                if((inp(0x60))==1){                                         // 1 = escape key
                    delay(1000); //Make_Good_Sound();        //should come emergency exit when escape is pressed

HPGL not drawn properly  just a weird line going up
           after opening other drawings the drawing is drawn correct
        Example drawing PLT  a5test.plt
          PLT file created on MaJoSoft HPGL text generator Page or www.majosoft.com
          Think a flag in the HPGL2PS is not set
          Maybe a PR or PA flag should be defined in the code
        Solution: add to start button C_Callbacks = start_button_cb => PLOTABS=1;

The programis far from finished
            and only tested with SMC800 stepper card
            So the program may not function as you would like to see