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If you only want to run/execute the progam
then just run c:\mgui\luberth\runcstep.bat from within windows3.1/95/98/2000/me/xp
or for smooth motor control from REAL MODE DOS (not a Dos box/window)

Next is only for people that would like to edit/modify/compile the source code

With DOS BorlandC Version 3.1

You need BorlandC V3.1 Have it, Buy it or Find it
Not Legal (Links)   1 BorlandC V3.1   2 BorlandC V3.1  3 BorlandC V3.1

Unpack the source zip file at C:\    (so you get c:\mgui & c:\mgui\luberth & c:\mgui\sys)
IMPORTANT: has to be c:\mgui\   otherwise there may be a problem finding files

My BorlandC is located at c:\borlandc\bin\bc.exe
execute bc.exe

Menu => Help => About        shows the version


Open the project file
Menu => Project => Open project


Open project located at c:\mgui\luberth\cstep.prj


Menu => Options => Directories
My borlandc is located at C:\BORLANDC\      some people have it at     C:\BC\
Mgui is at c:\mgui
The project file may come up with 
BorlandC located at G:\ change G to C 
or BorlandC located at C:\BC\
Important: change it to match your locations


Menu => Compile => Build all
NOTE:  at the bottom "project window" you can see the 2 incuded files from MGUI
these are the 2 mgui include files for borland located at c:\mgui\lib\bgimgui.lib and c:\mgui\lib\bormgui.lib


Project compiled

More BorlandC settings screenshots

Running the CSTEP program
Execute   c:\mgui\luberth\cstep.exe
or better  c:\mgui\luberth\runcstep.bat    wich gives you a choice wich screen resolution to use

Running the program in Borland envirement does not work (maybe possible if you now how to set settings)
I use to run the programs in windows 95 so i can switch (alt+tab) between programs  (borlandc, Mgui designer, cstep.exe)
this way i can run the compiled c:\mgui\luberth\cstep.exe or runcstep.bat
Altough stepper control under windows isnt perfect   => its good enough for testing the program

MGUI Designer/Editor

Mgui designer there is a Dos and windows version
dos designer is located at c:\mgui\dos_bin\designer.exe
windows designer is located at c:\mgui\win_bin\designer.exe
(switching between dos en win designer results in color differences after compiling)
I use the windows designer = c:\mgui\win_bin\designer.exe


Menu => File => Open    c:\mgui\luberth\screens\


Play with the designer to figure out what it can do for you
if you click on a button you can edit the actions etcetera


Example of editing the start button => what to do when the startbutton is clicked on the main screen


When your done editing
Let the designer generate the code for the screen  => menu => Generate => Generate C Code
For you must check the box include MGUIMain
The other md files in the directory c:\mgui\luberth\screens\ do not include the MGUIMain chekbox


Then compile the generated source again with BorlandC
And run the compiled c:\mgui\luberth\cstep.exe to see the result

CStep®  ©Copy_it_Right 2003 Luberth Dijkman Bangert 23 Andijk