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 code examples
on AutoCAD *.SHP or *.SHX
found some info in  autocadR14_shp_description.pdf
mail => sticker

rolled ball screws
lowcost-rolled&large lead


Linux milling machine

DXF TO NC Csource

Linux & windows dxf / dwg view/convert OpenDWG
you can print to HPGL

Konvertieren von Vektor- und Bildformaten zu Vektor-Steuer-Daten für NC oder CNC. Erstellen von
Bohr- und Out-Line Daten für die Platinenherstellung.
(Raster to vector conversion 
path optimising = remove useless penupmovement)

Draw your HPGL files on scale and let this program do the tool radius correction

Dieses Programm dient der Datei - Optimierung von HPGL- und DWG- Files
inklusive einer Werkzeugradiuskorrektur zur weiteren Verwendung für CNC
Fräsenmaschinen mit HPGL- import.

BOcnc  (not opensource but word listing)  OpenDWG

Borland *CHR stroked font editor includes pascal source = better as Borlands own *.CHR font editor

Borland *.CHR stroked font files C-source  extract vector data from font file

Famous Curves Applet Index 
Would it be fun engraving these curves
Herman's Free Software 
Borland *.chr stroked font basic source
and QBasic TTF
Borland *.chr stroked font to HPGL
TurboPascal source by Reinhard Sippel
Nice program think a little int overflow error (should be long or double)
FreeType Lib TTF OTF
TTF glyph contour to vector data (POVRay)
DOS exe (and source) VB opensource graphic related Martin Vogel DXF/HPGL related Pascal sources  JAVA DXF 3D viewer

Windows autocad DXF Read/Write/Display Delphi (Pascal) source
By  ©John Biddiscombe (dead link

 DXF info => windows help file =>

Links not opensource but interesting to me

TTF fonts have a closed contour(startpoint == endpoint)
in the past i have used ttf code that did not execute the last line of a contour
so that it could be used for stroked single line engraving
Next i found interesting but agfa couldn/wouldnt give any source or fonteditor away
advantage above borland stroked font is that the lines are curved fonts
also stroke based fonts (Asian) at

VIsual toolbox uses a font made up off lines and beziercurves
wich is better as the borland *.chr files
visual toolbox comes with 75fonts for engraving and vinylcutting fonts (the contour does not have to be closed like in TTF)

 Basic program that draws some lines and beziercurves off above fonttext files

Bezier draw Borland c source  bezier.c
just an example how to draw a 4 point bezier line/curve

Knotworker not opensource
a program for creating nice designs ( a pitty it cannot output vector files)

QBASIC example code for drawing a circle
'in HPGL move to circle center position with PA/PU X,Y
'CI 750 = circle of radius 750 units (default 5degrees chord angle= 360/5=72 chord angles/line segments
'CI 750,10 = 10degrees chord angle = 360/10=36 line segments


radius = 235
x = 320
y = 240
chordangle = .3 'degrees

twopi = 2 * 3.141593
clockwise = 0

'first point
  rang = hoek * (twopi / (360 / chordangle))
  x2 = radius * COS(rang)
  y2 = radius * SIN(rang)
  PSET (x + x2, y + y2), 14
'end firstpoint

FOR hoek = 0 TO (360 / chordangle)
  rang = hoek * (twopi / (360 / chordangle))
  IF NOT clockwise = 1 THEN rang = -rang
  x2 = radius * COS(rang)
  y2 = radius * SIN(rang)
  LINE -(x + x2, y + y2), 13
  'rem PSET (x + x2, y + y2), 14
  CIRCLE (x + x2, y + y2), 2, 14
 FOR delay = 1 TO 100000: NEXT delay
NEXT hoek


? TTF fonts X


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