A program that reads a HPGL drawing and controls steppermotors connected to parallel pc port
For stepper motor driven XY(Z) engraving / milling / router tables

parallel lpt printer ports are history on computers
if i would do it again i would use Linux and a RaspBerry Pi, with the GPIO port is perfect for it
i spend countless hours figuring it out
angled lines other the 45 degrees cost me weeks to figure it out
Bresenham line, circle, i as lowest possible technical school student never heard off
in the beginning off the internet there whas not so much information as there is nowadays
i like the HPGL plotter files think inkscape can output it or with help of a plugin or something

For Hobby use
System Requirements: a PC 80386 and up, With DOS (or Windows)

Above screenshot
Believe it or not, it is a DOS program ;-)

Dot peening engraving in stainless steel STepDP, Simple Text Engraving Program Dot Peening Video

sorry for the poor quality, this is from before the smartphones
a time when phones had a wire or 2
Easy to use Industrial Text Engraving

sorry for the poor quality, this whas taken before the smartphones video WC engraving, PStep video engraving
Microchip stepper control Rebuild / Converting an old penplotter to vinyl cutter !?
Alten Stiftplotter umrusten zu einem Schneideplotter !?
Knive holder Knife holder for PenpPlotter pen plotter swivel drag knive

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a lego plotter made by Larry (Lawrence) Page
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