A program that reads a HPGL drawing and controls steppermotors connected to parallel pc port
For stepper motor driven XY(Z) engraving / milling / router tables
For Hobby use
System Requirements: a PC 80386 and up, With DOS (or Windows)

Above screenshot
Believe it or not, it is a DOS program ;-)

Dot peening engraving in stainless steel

STepDP, Simple Text Engraving Program Dot Peening Video
Easy to use Industrial Text Engraving

PStep video WC engraving
Another, PStep video engraving
Microchip stepper control

Rebuild / Converting an old penplotter to vinyl cutter !?
Alten Stiftplotter umrusten zu einem Schneideplotter !?
Knive holder Knife holder for PenpPlotter pen plotter swivel drag knive

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