===================== StepperDriver 
I Prefer a         ============
StepPuls & Direction type 
Stepper motors
mounted on a XYZ table
A PC 80386 & UP
4Mb Memory
2 MB free harddisk space
DOS installed 
Booted with DOS floppy

A  mouse
a screen 
a keyboard 
Power ;-)

Do NOT use your 
Motherboard LPT parallel port
Main i/o card LPT parallel port
Video card LPT parallel port
Buy a separate LPT Parallel port i/o Card

CStep Zip file
CStep.Exe program

Cable from parallel port
to stepperdriver card
Prefer 25Pin sub-D cable
on both ends
A powerfull transformer
for powering the stepperdriver card / steppermotors
with a large capicitor 10.000uf

Network connection to a newer PC maybe handy