Search on Ebay for Vexta
NC-Step Germany
US Digital has verry nice 8 wire steppermotors
Size 23 Stepper Motor at 59 usd
140oz/in = 1Nm 3Amp
Micro Kinetics Corporation Stepper Motors
30 upto 1120 oz/in nema14  upto nema42
SANYO DENKI stepping motors.
 Six sizes from 1.7" to  4.2", torque values from 12.5 to 2460 Ncm

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4, 6, 8 wire stepper motors can be used unipolar and bipolar
5 wire motors unipolar only

8 wire motors can be connected serial or parallel for bipolar use

Oriental Motor => VEXTA

Sanyo Denki => StepSyn


Next maybe handy for oz/inch to Nm conversion or degrees celcius to fahrenheit    Physical Conversions

from 1 to 15 digits
Conversion Factor
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English units of mass, weight and force are Avoirdupois; metric units are International metric.
Click on From Value blank, type Value and select From and To Units.     Temperature Conversions


 Click on blank and type in a value, then click outside the box.

% Relative Humidity Calculators:

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