Martin From  MaJoSoft send me some 6mm cutters / routerbits drills
For my Toledo router which only has 6 and 8mm clamps
Right animated image is a cutter made by Martin
The Toledo router has a much more stable spindle versus a Dremel tool

     Ink pen
    Vinyl cutter
    Rotating tool like Dremel Proxxon Kressetc.

Vibrating tool (50/60Hz) dot peening Record Power Ltd Sheffield England
10 watt 69 to 81 Eur o
Another Vibrating tool Brennenstuhl SignoGraph
25Watt 29 to 65 Eur o

Be very carefully with this tool => DO NOT show it to your girlfriend ;-)
    How Things work => Inside the vibrator 220VAC 50Hz 10Watt

    Glue deposit
    Laser/water cut/mark
    Plasma torch
    Medical Lab
    Diamond drag engraving (scratching into material)

vinyl cutting  home made swivel


routerbits router bits drills