Wish List

I may be able to avoid all of this by using the TTF Text option in cstep. At
the moment, I would just like to engrave simple text in a straight line. Can
cstep do this successfully?
Is it possible to install other fonts? If so, how?

Hi Luberth,
Are you planning to build-in an opto encoder feedback function for exact,
no-error positioning?

I have one:
Please, insert subroutine to activate plasma torch activating, before start
moving. I don't knew all details about this operation, but I can find and
proceed to you, but I assume you already knew.

Path optimizing
optimse the HPGL file so there is less useless penup movement
see basic program at  http://www.luberth.com/java/vectorize/vectorize.html

Path planning
Read ahead in the HPGL file and do no rampdown/rampup
if the direction of new move is same
or do a percentage of rampdown/up if +/-90degrees
for smoother motion

Backlash compensation
Compensate the free play in nuts and spindle

When opening a HPGL drawing file from floppy and then run the program isnt nice
Because reading from floppy is slow
If drive is A or B then copy file to harddisk and then run it

Making the TTF and Borland CHR stroked font working

Motor output
Not delay after motor output
But a delay that keeps track of time around output
So no time difference because of variable number of commands(lines of code) around output

accelerate/deccelerate  rampup/rampdown
i used a simple t=t+1 for accelaration
wich looks like ___/
would be better if this is an   S curve
i think that would be smoother
so the hard edges are rounded
searching for examples (famous curves frequency example?) http://www-gap.dcs.st-and.ac.uk/~history/Java/Frequency.html
only did lowest possible technical school so need some time to understand this

Assign a depth to HPGL pencolor
or assign a max. depth to PenDown and do that in N numeber of cycles

Multiple offsets to repeat a contour

Rasterto vector conversion
edge detection, thinning, tracing

dxf, dwg support
m g code support

vector select/edit/delete

change delayvals to feedrates/min

moveto field  enter a xyz val => move to that xyz position